Orthodontic Digital Imaging

What to Know about Orthodontic X-Ray and Digital Imaging

OrthodonticsIf you’ve been paying attention over the last quarter of a century, dental x-rays and digital imaging has improve tremendously during this period of time. The technology has advanced light-years ahead of its time, and what once was a difficult process is now easy to accomplish. Long gone are the days where you have to put this large piece of plastic in your mouth in order to get a decent x-ray image. Everything is digital now, and it all takes place right on the computer. My orthodontist at “Orthodontist Charleston SC” uses the latest SureSmile technology. Not only that, the technology has advanced so much that you literally get to sit down inside of the x-ray machine while it does its thing. You don’t have to really personally get involved with the process at all other than sit there and wait for the image to unfold.

My Orthodontist’s X-Ray and Digital Imaging Technology

There are a few different styles of technology for x-rays and digital imaging on the market right now. There is the Cone Beam 3-D CBCT imaging which is an excellent solution for all dentists. There are Panoramic x-ray systems that take photographs from all angles, and there are also Intraoral x-ray systems that are a durable and reliable x-ray choice. Ultimately, the x-rays that you take will all come down to the digital imaging technology available in your dentist office. Just know that this technology is light-years ahead of its time, and has advanced tremendously over the last 25 to 50 years. Life is a lot better with the latest technology at our fingertips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3FSE0BckPA


Mental Health Awareness

I need help I'm looking for a program platform to help employees awareness about mental health – there has to be a freeware all links would be very helpful. Basically … You could have a staff meeting. Invite someone from your local mental clinic to come in and talk about mental health health. Then Do any of your employees ask questions about the stigmata and other things to consider about mental health problems. Sometimes reading material online is not enough. Despite having a social worker or social worker mental come in and talk about issues that the working environment may be working with a colleague with health problems. (American Disabilities Act would be a very good issue regarding people with mental health disabilities) can also invite HR to this meeting.